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Suunto Elementum Aqua Black Watch (#SS014529000) Image
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Suunto Elementum Aqua Black Watch
(Suunto #SS014529000)

Now: $494.99

  • Case: Stainless Steel
  • Diameter: 51mm
  • Face: Digital
  • Strap: Black Rubber (22m)

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Suunto Elementum Aqua is a modernly designed timepiece that combines the craftsmanship of chronograph construction with the functionality of a high-technology diving watch. While the Aqua is perfect for urban use, in water it transforms into a dive instrument. The Aqua detects when the user enters the water and starts all the functions and measurements needed for an enjoyable dive. Ideal for any lifestyle that combines urban life with submerged pleasure.


Backlight option for night use:
Backlight type:Electro-luminescent display
Dot-matrix display:
Operating temperature:-10°C - +60°C/+14°F - +140°F
Sapphire crystal glass:
Selectable metric/imperial units:
Storage temperature:-30°C - +60°C/-22°F - +140°F
Water resistance:200m / 600ft with underwater buttons
Weight:105g with rubber strap / 206g with steel strap
Replaceable straps:By authorized retailer
Low battery warning:
Button lock:
Calendar clock:
Audible alarm:
Log book memory:
Maximum depth display:80m / 262ft
Temperature display:
Auto dive mode:
Depth display:
Surface time:
Number of dives:
Dive time:
Series:Suunto Series
Default Band:Suunto
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