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Suunto M-9 Compass (#SS004403001) Image
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Suunto M-9 Compass
(Suunto #SS004403001)

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  • Available for northern hemisphere only.


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For canoeists, cyclists, mountaineers, or any adventurer who needs hands-free navigation, the Suunto M-9 Compass attaches to your wrist for easy readings. Because the Suunto M-9 is a wrist compass, you don't have to fumble in your pockets or press buttons to check your direction of travel.

Verify your position in the M-9's easy to read side viewing window. Turn the serrated bezel ring to know your bearing in degrees. Use the ratchet mechanism to turn the arrow in the correct direction. When finding your way at night, the luminous dial makes for effortless readings. The M-9 Suunto wrist compass features a strap long enough to fit over thick coats for winter navigation.

The Suunto M-9 uses a Two Zone System to achieve precise measurement. Back in the day, users had to purchase a compass balanced for one of 5 different zones. A Suunto compass is balanced based on only the northern and southern hemispheres. This means that Suunto compasses balanced for the northern hemisphere also provide accurate readings in many northern parts of the southern hemisphere. The Suunto M-9 is designed for the northern hemisphere. If you are traveling very far south into the southern hemisphere, you may want to look for a compass balanced to that location.


Side-reading window:
Sighting hole:
Wrist compass:
Luminous card:
Weight:34 g / 1.2 oz
Capsule size:40 x 47 x 14 mm /1.6" x 1.9"x 0.6"
Series:Suunto Series
Default Band:Suunto
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