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Suunto Arrow-20 Compass (#SS004544011) Image
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Suunto Arrow-20 Compass
(Suunto #SS004544011)

Now: $38.99

  • Available for northern hemisphere only.
  • Comes with lanyard.
  • Extremely fast setting steady needle.

Ships Monday, May 27



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For competitive orienteering, the Suunto Arrow 20 Compass features a fast settling needle for quick readings. The Suunto Arrow 20 has everything you need in a competition Suunto compass: an ergonomically shaped base plate for comfortable holding, dual and jewel bearings to accuracy, twin magnets, and marking holes for drawing control points. And the water-resistant print stands up to rainstorms.

The Suunto Arrow 20 uses a Two Zone System to achieve precise measurement. Back in the day, users had to purchase a compass balanced for one of 5 different zones. Suunto compasses are balanced based on only the northern and southern hemispheres. This means that Suunto compasses balanced for the northern hemisphere also provide accurate readings in many northern parts of the southern hemisphere. The Suunto Arrow is designed for the northern hemisphere. If you are traveling very far south into the southern hemisphere, you may want to look for a Suunto compass balanced to that location.

Comparison: Looking for an integrated magnifying glass? The Suunto Arrow 30 features a magnifier in addition to all the great features of the Suunto Arrow 20.


Orienteering compass:
Baseplate compass:
Control marking holes:
Double bearing needle:
Weight:33 g / 1.1 oz
Size:57 x 114 mm / 2.2" x 4.5"
Series:Suunto Series
Default Band:Suunto
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