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Suunto Foot POD Mini  (#SS016592000) Image
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Suunto Foot POD Mini
(Suunto #SS016592000)

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Clip the super lightweight Suunto Foot POD Mini to your shoelace while walking, running and jogging to monitor and record your speed, distance and pace. With disturbance free ANT-transmission, the Foot POD Mini accurately assesses your running performance. Combine the detailed running information recorded by your Mini Foot POD with the physiological data compiled by your Suunto heart rate monitor for a complete understanding of your training session.

This Suunto Foot POD Mini weighs only 9 grams, making it 80% smaller in volume and 66% lighter than the original Suunto Foot POD. The Foot POD Mini also features an extended battery life of up to 400 hours, which is twice as long as the former Foot POD, and is water resistant up to 100 feet.

The Suunto Foot POD Mini is compatible with the following Suunto watches and heart rate monitors:

Suunto t3, t3c, and t3d
Suunto t4, t4c, and t4d
Suunto t6, t6c and t6d
Suunto M5

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