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In the News

Traser H3 Watch Tank Test
"Have a look at the extreme test of our robust traser H3 P 6600 Type 6 MIL-G watch. Tested under most severe conditions!"

Amazing Traser Videos
Traser has provided video evidence of just how spectacular and durable their watches truly are. Follow this link and find out for yourself.

Luminox Watches Tested for Hunting
Luminox watches have been tested to make sure they can withstand the shock produced when using a firearm. Read the full report to find out what they discovered.

New models for women in 6 styles
"Women who enjoy an active lifestyle will know that the great outdoors requires the right equipment. The new Luminox Steel Colormark 38mm watch proves that elegance and durability can be combined."

New pilot's choronographs
"Through their stealth looks and aircraft-inspired details, two new Luminox timepieces, created under official and exclusive worldwide license with Lockheed Martin, introduce flight-spired slide rule bezels."